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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a family-run business, renting to students in Ames since 1961. We manage and maintain our apartments to a high standard. All staff are family members, experienced, and live right here in Ames. That means your request for maintenance or attention is addressed fast.

We care about our tenants, our buildings, and our neighborhood.  Our flagship, the Stritz, was built in 2012 and is quality construction, with double walls and soundboard between units, plus top-quality windows, so your apartment is quieter and warmer.

We’d like to introduce ourselves! Our parents, Joseph and Marcella, graduated from Iowa State in 1949. (Dad, a PhD and professor of agronomy, taught full-time at Iowa State from the ‘50s through the ‘80s, and is fondly remembered as Doc Stritzel by decades of students.) In 1953, with their growing family, they moved into a frame house at 412 Welch near Campustown. They bought their first student rental house, also on Welch, in 1961. You can see we have decades of experience serving Iowa State students!

With a growing family that eventually numbered nine children, and a growing rental business, our folks settled into life on Welch. For us kids, growing up in Campustown, Iowa State students were a fun and friendly part of childhood. Through the decades, some students lived with us in our home, while others rented nearby. We have great memories of working alongside our parents over the summers to serve our tenants and maintain our houses.

With the building of the Stritz, we’re still working together to serve students. We’re thrilled with our fabulous new building... you can see that in the sizeable Andersen windows, the ceramic tile flooring instead of vinyl sheeting, and the stainless steel kitchen appliances. We named it the Stritz because it’s like living at The Ritz! The 2-story Marcella Suite apartments on the top floor, of course, honor our mom, and the Joe Suites, our dad.

We are building and maintaining the Stritz with the respect and care we’d put into our own home. We hope you, too, will treat our building and neighborhood with respect.

Welcome to the Stritz at 412 Welch!
The Ames Stritzels
: Joseph Stritzel, Maryanne Holland, Paul Stritzel, Steve Stritzel

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