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Family owned and operated since 1963

Click to learn more about Live in beautiful, well run buildings.

Live in beautiful, well run buildings.

The Stritz on Welch Ave has two, three or four bedroom apartments.  Parking available for rent.  High end townhouse living at 316 Hayward  includes private garage.  Both buildings incredibly close to Campus. Check the "What's Available" tab for current open units.  Use the "contact us" tab above or call 515-460-3907 for a showing.

Click to learn more about Testimonials (5.0 ★★★★★)

Testimonials (5.0 ★★★★★)

I lived at The Stritz for 3.5 years and absolutely loved it! The building is in a great location close to campus and there is plenty of things to do within walking distance...

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